Welcome to Prince Michael Weekly Mentoring Initiave Program: This mentoring initiave is designed to combat obesity through embracing an International Business Lifestyle by applying the first of the nine pillars from IAMTHETHRONE.COM Lifestyle Discipline Engineering. The proper daily application of this pillar is a mental framework that allows each mentee the ability to think long term and to plan for their future family. A business oriented family that understand the importance of hospitlity, business, economics, finance, stocks and building personal relationships within the community is the bedrock of the economy of any democratic country. The funds for the funraisder will go towards the development of building Travel Acadamy for Black Americans, Asiatic Americans and Moorish Americans. Ages 7 years- 18 Focus: Organiztional Skills A. Nutrition Planning B. Fitness Planning C. Lifestyle Discipline Planning D. E-Commerce Business Planning E. Finance Planning F. Wealth Planning